Solubility System: Nitroethane with cis-9-Octadecenoic acid (Original Report)

Temperature: 233 K - 305 K
Experimental Remarks:
The solubilities of cis-9-octadecenoic acid (2) in nitroethane (1) in mole fraction including the region of immiscible solutions over the temperature range were presented in graphical form and in a table.
Experimental Data:
Table 1
T (°C)T (K)s2 w2 x2
-40.0233.2 0.2a200.001
-30.0243.2 0.8a800.002
-20.0253.2 1.3a1300.003
-10.0263.2 2.2a x 102 2.1 x 1020.006
0273.2 3.4a x 102 3.3 x 1020.009
10.0283.2 8.7b x 102 8.0 x 1020.023
20.0293.214.3b x 10212.5 x 1020.037
31.7304.9--- (UCST)

a) Solid-liquid equilibrium
b) Liquid-liquid equilibrium.


The synthetic method was used. The solubilities of acid were determined by weighing 2 - 5 g portions of the acid into 2 cm×15 cm Pyrex test-tubes which were fitted with a Nichrome stirrer and a thermocouple well, the test-tube being inserted into a larger tube which served as an air-bath. Upon successive additions of weighed amounts of solvent, the solubilities were determined by measuring the temperatures at which crystals precipitated and dissolved upon alternately cooling and heating the systems in an acetone-dry ice-bath or water-bath as required.

Source and Purity of Materials:

(1) Source not specified; best grade reagent; dried and distilled.
(2) Prepared from high quality oil by saponification; purified by recrystallization and by vacuum distillation in packed column; m. p. = 16.30°C, n(20°C,D) = 1.4599.

Estimated Errors

Temperature: ±0.1 K.


No references.

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