Solubility System: Nitroethane with Decanenitrile (Original Report)

Temperature: 233 K - 255 K
Experimental Remarks:
The solubilities of decanenitrile (2) in nitroethane (1) in mass percent over the temperature range were presented in graphical form and in a table.
Experimental Data:
Table 1
T (°C)T (K)s2 w2 x2
-40.0233.2 23.6 x 10219.1 x 1020.104
-39.9*233.3-20.0 x 1020.109
-34.5*238.7-24.7 x 1020.138
-30.0*243.2-38.6 x 1020.235
-27.7*245.5-48.2 x 1020.313
-23.4*249.8-67.5 x 1020.505
-20.0253.2455 x 10282.0 x 1020.691
-18.5*254.7-88.5 x 1020.79

*) These data are extracted by compilers from the published graphs.


The synthetic method was used. Solution temperatures were determined by cooling 3-5 g portions of solution in 1 cm×15 cm test tubes, which were placed in an air-bath. The latter was immersed in an acetone-bath, which was cooled with solid carbon dioxide. Temperature within the samples was measured by means of a potentiometer with an iron-constantan thermocouple. As the nitrile crystallized from solution upon cooling, the temperature of the air-bath was raised gradually until the mixtures redissolved.

Source and Purity of Materials:

(1) Source not specified; best grade reagent; dried and twice distilled.
(2) Prepared by passing the decanoic acid over aluminium oxide in the presence of ammonia at 673°C; dried and purified by vacuum distillation in a Stedman packed column; f. p. = -14.46°C.

Estimated Errors

Temperature: ±0.4 K (below 248 K), ±0.2 K (above 248 K).


No references.

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