Solubility System: Nitroethane with 2,5-Furandione and Hexane (Original Report)

(1) Nitroethane, C2H5NO2; [79-24-3] NIST Chemistry WebBook
(2) 2,5-Furandione, C4H2O3; [108-31-6] NIST Chemistry WebBook
(3) Hexane, C6H14; [110-54-3] NIST Chemistry WebBook
Temperature: 306 K - 312 K
Experimental Data:
Table 1
T (°C)T (K)x1 x2 w1 w2
32.59305.740.505840.0022947.121 x 10227.9
33.81306.960.504450.0050246.963 x 10261
34.85308.000.502940.00846.793 x 10297.2
35.63308.780.502310.0092546.721 x 102112.4
36.19309.340.501930.0146.678 x 102121.5
36.32309.470.501780.010346.661 x 102125.1
38.72311.870.498380.01746.278 x 1022.062 x 102

The synthetic method was used. The solubility temperatures were determined from a set of samples made up to composition by weight and sealed into 7 mm Pyrex tubes about 9 cm long. A short length of glass rod was placed in each tube as a stirrer. An apparatus was constructed to rotate the tube end over end inside the temperature bath, so that the glass rod stirrer would fall through the liquid, causing mixing. The apparatus consisted of a submerged horizontal drive shaft with a fuse holder perpendicularly attached to one end. The sealed glass tube was placed in the fuse holder, and the shaft was rotated by a rubber pulley connected to a 4 rpm electric motor mounted on a platform above the water level.

Source and Purity of Materials:

(1) Distilled in 1.5 m column packed with nichrome helices; purity 99.9 mass%.
(2) Sublimed at vacuum to remove maleic acid; purity 99.5 mass%.
(3) Distilled at a 15:1 reflux ratio in column packed with glass helices; purity 99.9 mass%; b. p. = (68.0 to 68.1)°C.

Estimated Errors

Temperature: control ±0.01 K


No references.

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