Solubility System: Nitroethane with Cyclohexane (Original Report)

(1) Nitroethane, C2H5NO2; [79-24-3] NIST Chemistry WebBook
(2) Cyclohexane, C6H12; [110-82-7] NIST Chemistry WebBook
Original Measurements

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Evaluated By:
Valerii P. Sazonov
Critical Review (-):
Solubilities in the system nitroethane + cyclohexane were reported in the three publications listed in Table 1.

All original data are compiled in the data sheets immediately following this Critical Evaluation. All reported data are included in the tables below. Values obtained by the evaluator by graphical interpolation or extrapolation from the data sheets are indicated by an asterisk (*). "Best" values are arithmetic means. The uncertainty limits (σn) attached to these values do not have statistical significance and should be regarded only as a convenient representation of the spread of values rather than as error limits. The letter (R) designates "recommended" data. Data are "recommended" if two or more apparently reliable studies are in reasonable (±5% relative) agreement. All other data are regarded as tentative only.

The interpolated values reported in the tables above were approximated by an equation based on the scaling law (described in the preface to this volume) for which the following parameters were derived:

a1 = 0.95104, a2 = -0.53288, b1 = -0.17250, b2 = -0.00943 (mean standard error of estimate was 0.0098).

For this approximation the recommended values of UCST and xcl have been used. The calculated relationship is presented in Fig. 3 together with the "best" values from the above tables.

The upper critical solution temperature has been reported as 295.7 K,1 296.05 K,3 and 298.2 K,2 The UCST of Clever et al. 2 is rejected. Thus, the recommended value are: Tc = (295.9 ±0.2) K.
The corresponding critical solution composition has been reported as xcl = 0.448 (Kawate and Nakata3) and xcl = 0.478.1The data average xcl = 0.463 ±0.015. This value is recommended.

Figure 1

(1) Erofeeva, L. F. ; Yunnikova, N. V. ; Sb. Nauch. Tr. ; Kuzbas. Polytekh. Inst. 26, 7-11 (1971).
(2) Clever, H. L. ; Pirkle, Q. R. Jr. ; Allen, B. J. Jr. ; Derrick, M. E. ; J. Chem. Eng. Data 17, 31-4 (1972).
(3) Kawate, K. ; Nakata, M. ; J. Phys. Chem. 166, 195-209 (1990).

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