Solubility System: Pyrene with 1-Chlorobutane (Original Report)

(1) Pyrene, C16H10; [129-00-0] NIST Chemistry WebBook
(2) 1-Chlorobutane, C4H9C1; [109-69-3] NIST Chemistry WebBook
Original Measurements
Powell, J. R. ; Voisinet, D. ; Salazar, A. ; Acree, W. E. ; Jr. Phys. Chem. Liq. 1994, 28(4), 269-276.

Temperature: 299 K
Experimental Data:
T (°C)x1 x2

Constant temperature bath, calorimetric thermometer, and an ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer.
Excess solute and solvent placed in amber glass bottles and allowed to equilibrate for several days at constant temperature. Attainment of equilibrium verified by repetitive measurements. Aliquots of saturated solutions transferred through a course filter into tared volumetric flasks, weighed and diluted with methanol. Concentrations determined spectrophotometrically at 372 nm.

Source and Purity of Materials:

(1) 99%, Aldrich Chemical Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, recrystallized 3 times from methanol.
(2) 99.9+%, Aldrich Chemical Company, was stored over molecular sieves and distilled shortly before use.

Estimated Errors

Temperature: T/K: ±0.05. x1: ±2.5% (relative error).


No references.

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